Sunday, 16 October 2016

Giant Octopus

Every year there is one sculpt that for some reason is either more demanding or just memorable and for 2016 this has got to be the one.

About a month or two ago Otherworld miniatures commissioned me to do a Giant Octopus. It was a great chance for me to have a go at one of the coolest creatures ever. I mean their camouflage is on a totally different level, they can actually change their skin textures, colours and shape to resemble all kinds of environment or creatures.
Have a look on google and you guys will be surprised of what they can do.

Well I did some sketches and finally decided to go with the heavy textured look for our Giant Octopus.
This has proven to be extremely time consuming but in the end I'm happy with it. It took me great deal of patience to do all of those little details.

So there you have it my most challenging sculpture of the year. What a great project will never forget the infinite hours of pain!


  1. I really appreciate your "wildlife" pieces; even if they are intended as giant fantasy monsters I feel that you respect the natural forms of the creatures and their real-life remarkable qualities. Your explanation here definitely backs that up. If that makes sense :)

  2. It does. I'm a big fan of investigating the anatomy, background and habits of the subjects I sculpt. It does help me to understand them and gives me an extra layer of options when sculpting. To me its not just about the final sculpt but actually the experience and what I can learn in the process. I find it a quite rewarding activity.