Sunday, 16 October 2016

Giant Tentacles

Before I went for the actual Octopus sculpt I started working on some individual giant tentacles which Otherworld miniatures also expressed interest in.
Basically these would be like as if the creature was still inside a lake or swamp and its tentacles would be coming over to try to grab you. Remember LOTR " Do not disturb the waters" and that is pretty much the idea for these pieces.

I only sculpted 4 of them but they should be more than enough for anyones tabletop adventures.

Design wise I tried to build them in a way that they are balanced enough that they would not require any base to be added. Textures were time consuming.


  1. These are definitely a useful item; I know another company sells something similar and it's always good to have competition in the market :) As with your octopus, the level of detail is impressive! (if time-consuming)

  2. Thank you. Its also a nice extra to have if you get the octopus and just want to have a representation of it under water.