Sunday, 12 March 2017

GIGANTIC King Rhino Beetle

After the Rhino Beetle kit was finished and it allowed for the possibility to build 9 beetles I was thinking how cool would it be to have a King Rhino Beetle, something HUGE, imposing and with lots of little fantasy detailing… That would be the cherry on top of the cake! 10 Rhino beetles? Yes please!

So there you go a Gigantic Rhino Beetle of biblical proportions!

Hope you enjoyed the Beetle spam.


  1. Wow, that thing IS gigantic! I love the textures, chunky exoskeleton protruberances and general rhino-like character. The limbs are thicker than the concept art, but taking the square-cube law of (real-life) animal scaling into account, they're still suitably slender on a beast this size.

    And of course the running peasant makes an appearance for scale ;)

    1. I really had to make the legs bulkier they would snap on the weight of the creature if I didnt. Its quite a big one and cant wait to have it on my painting table :) Thanks Allison