Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New Alien Bases for Secret Weapon Miniatures

For the past year I have been sculpting bases for Secret Weapon Miniatures and these are the new ones that I just finished and that I will ship to Justin this week since he approved them.

The theme this time was 100% Alien bases and before these I have done 2 sets that are already for sale at Secret weapon Online store... later this month I will post them also here on my blog under flashback projects and things I have developed before I opened the blog.

With a theme so fun like this I had a blast filling these bases with crazy alien / gigerish things and never forgetting these bases should be flat so that people have zero hassle when basing their miniatures, so even if super detailed these bases are mostly flat or have big flat areas.
Hope you like them.

10x 25mm bases

5x 40mm bases

2x 60mm bases

1x Big Oval 120x90mm base

And the base set group picture

The one I enjoyed sculpting the most was the big oval since it looks like a huge swirl of deadly tentacled chitin and with a big queen alien egg, hope to paint some for my collections as soon as Justin casts some.

If you don't know Secret weapon site here's the link

You can also follow their official Blog on the my blog list menu.

If you liked my previous alien bases and these you will be glad to know that more alien things are planned for me to sculpt for Secret Weapon Miniatures.


  1. I have no plans to use this set of bases. But I dig the blog, so I'm a subscriber now. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks and enjoy your stay here. :)

  3. Hey Navarro, welcome to the blog-i-verse. I'm linking you up. Love your nid stuff.

    Awesome looking bases also.

  4. Very nice looking bases and glad to know these will be available to buy. Just need an alien themed 3D Space Hulk board to do them justice.

  5. Again thank you guys and I'm happy to see some really old net buddies also on blog-i-verse :)

  6. Great work! I can attest it's a lot of fun to sculpt this Giger-style alien goo... but not so fun that gamers don't need a line of precasts sometimes. I like how you incorporated eggs into them to break up the flatness but not make them so elaborate there's really nowhere for a mini to stand! (a common problem, as you obviously know)

  7. Indeed, I always disliked bases that are not practical for basing your miniatures, I know it sounds strange to say this but the fact is that today there are plenty of miniature bases producers that create quite elaborated bases but that at the end of the day are not functional.
    I believe that you really need lots of flat spaces so that anyone can base their miniatures without any hassle making the basing process enjoyable and easy.

  8. Hey, did tou end p doing square bases? I'm looking dor something like this but to use as walls on a custom aliens board.