Saturday, 2 July 2011

Sculpted RPG for rangers 2nd Platoon

While I'm still painting the first platoon with the converted sniper Rifle I managed to work on the 2nd platoon. This time instead I converted a normal rifle ranger to a RPG ranger.
Plasticard and greenstuf were used to create this little 15mm scifi RPG.

So my UNSC from Ground zero games are growing stronger and this second platoon should pretty much cover most of what I wanted, core wise, to add to my army... I'm still thinking on getting a Command blister and a little jeep for a pack of 5 recon guys, but for now I have lots to paint.

I never imagined that 15mm today are so detailed and its a pleasure to work on this diferent scale.


  1. That's a pretty beefy recoiless launcher he's packing. Solid bit of detailing on it though.

    Those hardsuit troopers look pretty swell, though I heard GZG is silent running lately?

  2. GZG Silent running? I know that Khurasan miniatures did put everything on hold due to personal reasons but I didn't heard anything bout GZG.

    Yeah the launcher is a bit to big hehe but I don't mind it much since it stands out from the rifle ones and I'm a fan of the exaggerated guns of Micropanzer.

  3. I never thought about converting 15mm minis, and you show it's not only possible but also can look cool. Thanks for sharing.

    By the way do you want these 15mm's for gaming or for 'having' only?

  4. These are totally for gaming purposes, Im checking out FUBAR free rules and planing some solo fights.

  5. wow, great conversion! Sure, the gun is a bit beefy/over scale, but the effect is great, and it looks good on the table.