Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Painting guide for the Scifi Bunker

Last week I managed to upload a tutorial for you to create your own cheap Scifi Bunkers and this weekend I managed to paint it up.
I also recorded the painting process with color formulas and brands of materials etc... I hope that everyone can check this small painting guide and manage to replicate the weathering effects and rust.

One day, with more time, I will dedicate several posts to explaining the techniques I used but more in depth by making step by step tutorials with pictures... for now this small guide here is a good simple starting point.

So here is the painted bunker:

The color formulas:
All acrylic paints used are Vallejo's model Color (VMC) unless stated otherwise

Bunker green walls

  1. Dark blue grey + Stone grey + Black green (70904+70884+70980)
  2. Apply liquid mask
  3. Games workshop Gryphone sepia washes
  4. Remove mask
  5. Sponge speckled painting with Stone grey (70904)
  6. Mig Pigments Industrial dirt P039, Concrete P026 and Black smoke P023
Bunker rusty metals

  1. Woodgrain (828)
  2. Smoke used as wash (70939)
  3. Liquid mask
  4. Privateer press P3 Trollblood Highlight
  5. Smoke used as wash (70939)
  6. Remove mask
  7. Mig Pigments Old rust P230, Standart rust P025
Bunker details

  1. Golden Olive (70857)
  2. Gamesworkshop Thraka green wash
  3. Green fluo (737)
  4. Ivory (918)

Bunker base

  1. Yellow green (881)
  2. US field drab (873)
  3. Gamesworkshop Gryphone sepia wash
  4. Mig Pigments Rubble dust P234
  5. Army painter swamp tuft 6mm

Thats it and now the gallery.

This bunker is finished !
I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial,... but its only the first of several terrain pieces I'm developing for my 15mm battlefields. The next bunker will be the communications bunker and I already started it. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

I'm happy with the painting because this bunker can fit a abandoned lunar terrain or post apocalyptic terrain on a alternative future on earth etc, Its generic enough to fit several different universes of gaming that I intend to develop... and it also fits with the 28mm terrain I have painted in the past and that I will convert to 15mm...



  1. Just wait to see mine- mine's bigga! =p

  2. Bigga is not betta XD But in your case cant wait to see a big bunker from the rust masta!