Saturday, 11 June 2011

Ground Zero Games miniatures

Lets kick star this dung ball with the first project for this blog...
This month I got the 15mm bug and even if I'm mostly a 28mm collector I just could not resist these miniatures.
Some of the best 15mm I have ever seen, these are not only superbly casted and well designed but they have more details than some 28mm outhere.

So here you go I choose 2 diferent rifles packs of UNSC faction at Ground Zero Games.
Check GZG store 15mm stargrunts  HERE
I didn't got the special weapons pack but I wanted a sniper for this platoon so I opened a bit of Greenstuff and sculpted the sniper rifle on a normal rifle fella... Also on the last pic you can see a 28mm mini I converted for scale comparative... these minis are tiny and so far Im having a blast sculpting 15mm .

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