Thursday, 6 October 2011

Juiblex the Slime Lord sculpt for Fractured Dimensions

About a month ago I got into contact with a new company that is producing some really cool minis for all the rpg monster fans.
Their miniatures have some really old school thing about them and I got some flashbacks about all those epic rpg dungeons fights I had in a dark room when I was a young fella.

I leave you the links of their new blog/newsletter and online store:

Fractured Dimensions blog and Fractured Dimensions Webstore .

So I was commissioned to sculpt more than 10 monsters for them and the first one I just completed is:

Juiblex the Slime Lord

The Juiblex is a mass of flesh, slime and many eyes and has several protrusions that expel slime, vomit, acid and all kind of nasty things... With a description like this I knew I was in for a crazy ride.

Alongside the miniature the Juiblex also comes with a couple of vomits.

The Juiblex was created with 6 different spots that you can attach the vomits, this way you can have lots of different Juiblex just by changing the place you choose to glue the vomit, it really changes the overall look of the monster. Here are some examples.

You can even just attach one of the vomits if you like... or none. It will create several different variations if you intend to have multiple Juiblex.

As for the scale its 45mm tall miniature and the base of the body fits a 30mm base.
Here's a picture with a 32mm miniature.

Looking at this miniature I think it can fit a large number of purposes, from a role play monster for your dungeon crawlers, a chaotic or demonic objective for a fantasy/40k game, a spawn, Cthulhu creature, pulp monster to even a really huge alien manifestation or entity for smaller scales games.

I hope you like the Juiblex the Slime Lord.


  1. This will be fantastic for my 15mm Cthulhu gaming!

  2. WHen I get some casts I will use it both for Songs of Blades and Heroes monsters, probably a Blob and will make something special for my 15mm scifi... Probably a alien boss that spawns something creepy.

  3. Pedro that is unbelievable! The vomit, the eyes...awesome.

    youre creations have inspired me to create my own with the juices that secrede out of my body xD

    1. Your going to find it hard to cast them though :D

      Best of luck and thanks!