Friday, 28 October 2011

Chewkannon conversion

A big part of the fun for me about building armies is converting things and recreating some already cool minis in order to make them totally unique.

Funny how your miniatures are like your most precious objects, they have something about them that you get attached and when you walk a extra step to convert them to your desires its like you gave birth to your first child heheh... Its silly how a adult gets so sentimental with these little bits of pewter.

So on my desk was my latest love the Chewks from Khurasan Miniatures and they are so cute that they look like they are from a Star Wars movie, but when I unpacked the Chewkannon blister all that fuzzy feeling was a bit gone, I mean its a superb miniature but it was a bit boring and to realistic, specially if you took out the Beast of burden.

With that in mind I set up to create a new Chewkannon that was funny, evocative to Star Wars not very realistic or functional and that was a easy and fast conversion with minimal sculpting. The beast of burden should be the star of this project.
With only the bits from the original blister cut and placed in a different way I changed this miniature to something a bit silly but damn funny, the green stuff work was so simplistic that anyone that can fill a gap can do this in a couple minutes.
I liked the final result and will buy 2 or 3 more Chewkannons and convert them to match this one.

Brilliant work by Khurasan on creating the Chewks and I hope my little convo didn't destroy them much.