Wednesday, 26 October 2011

AT-43 Therians Arachns find a new home in 15mm Sci-fi

I have been a big fan of Rackham metal miniatures back in the day and on its last years alive Rackham released a Scifi based game named AT-43. The big downside, for a hobby guy like myself, is that in those days I really disliked the pre painted nature of this new game.

Some years latter and here we are in this really addictive 15mm adventure and I was searching for a couple of big spherical nasty robots to represent some kind of bosses for my Wyrd robot faction... First thing to pop up in my mind was the Therians Arachns for AT-43.
They were very hard to hunt down and I managed a sweet deal, so instead of being forced to get a full box of 6 I got 2 individual minis, perfect!

When they arrived here I checked up the size and again perfect! They are still pre painted plastics but they are going to be fully repainted with my brushes and fight some nice 15mm battles in the future.

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