Friday, 27 January 2012

Corpses fields bases set

Wow! If anyone says to me that sculpting bases is a piece of cake then I would like to direct them for the New bases for Secret Weapon Miniatures... I finished and shipped them to Justin just before I travelled to the UK. I mean, these are far from easy to sculpt and took me lots of time.

Justin approached me with the idea to create some bases filled with corpses and that the main theme should be visceral corpses, cool! He also wanted these to be done on his new bases with a hollow blank so that clients can paint these corpses and guts and still fill them in with water effects or blood gory stuff, Loved that option.

So I sculpted lots of bodies and intestines, fat zombies, rotting skulls, body parts, brains, some freaky muddy floor texture etc... Looking at all the parts I did I think I could have done literally a considerable number of full 28mm's.

So here you have it, my most complex bases to date yet I tried to keep a good surface for people to place their models in ( I do dislike those companies that make bases with so much stuff in it that you don't even have the space to put your minis in, its nuts)...


More new sets coming up in a near future.
With all these zombie things I do miss to watch The Walking Dead series!

PS- My sculpting gear arrived muhahahaha soon more sculpting from me.


  1. Stunning work! Makes me want to start a themed army just to use those bases.

  2. Hi mate, i remember you! i still remember your different genestealer conversions from warseer a few years back!

    lovely stuff.

    I am now following your blog, you can follow me too at

    and join the network at

  3. Wow, these look fantastically icky. Lots of good painting potential in there!

  4. They look absolutely incredible. When's the release date?

  5. Great looking bases. Really the looks of the corpses.

  6. Wonderful bases, my friend!

    Perfect for battlefield bases or Undead, even Chaos.

  7. Thank you all, I'm currently finishing today another set but this time with warmachine type of bases.

    Marsekay yeah I did plenty of stealers convos back in the day, glad you still remember them... BTW nice blog and network

    Lead Legion They are already in the US at Secret weapons and they are casting them, so not long before you see them for sale.

    Now that I'm back to sculpting I really need to catch up for lost time, the new bases I'm doing usually take at least 15 days I manage to do these in 5, my back is hurting hehe

  8. I absolutely Love these bases and will be buying the complete set from SWM for my next Chaos Army!

    Really, Really amazing work. I can't say enough.