Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New set of heads for pleasure armies conversions

Another set of 9 heads is all done and shipped to Battle Road Games & Hobbies.

The theme was pleasure heads, but Alex knowing my inclination to go wild and my love for all things Giger suggested me to sculpt something decent ( smart move ehehe)... Here's the result:

It was a pleasure :) to sculpt these and I hope all of you that are creating some themed armies enjoy these heads aimed for the 28mm market.

And these are the first 9 pieces for my personal goal of achieving 100 pieces in this year. yay!


  1. Mr. Bug man.. Please sculpt some 15mm alien humanoid heads!

  2. I concur. ;)

    Great work as ever. With all these sculptors tallying up their work I can't help but see The Count from Sesame St..

    "Vuhn!..ah ha ha haa" (raises cork model grip to the sky)

  3. Sculpting something like these in 15mm would be fun, but is there a market for conversion kits in 15mm? I know GZG sells some I wonder if its something 15mm fans would want? Much like bases for 28mm wargaming I dont know how well it would be accepted?
    Nevertheless if I sculpted some heads for 15mm what would you guys want me to sculpt? :D

    Colonel Shofer these are heads are for battleroad games and hobbies site, they just started now developing their own kits, so its all kind of new.