Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sculpt 100 pieces challenge

It's that time of the year that people make a balance of past year and talk about all kinds of things but since you all probably read dozens of those posts before, I will keep this very short for all.

2011 was a strange year for my hobby and super crazy for my personal life so I will just say this, the year is over and I'm glad I managed to create this blog, now lets talk about the future!

I have only 3 goals in 2012 and they are:

1- Migrate to another country with my back pack and greenstuff
2- Find a new job and reset my life
3- Sculpt not 1 or 10 but 100 pieces

I think the first one will be completed in a few days, but to keep track of my goal about the 100 sculpted pieces, I will publish on the top right corner of Mr. Bug Man blog the goal number and progress.

So the 2012 Adventure begins I'm opening my bug wings and will land where the winds take me, hope to land on all my 8 feet, keep my antenaes untangled and greenstuff fresh... this bugger is airborne!

Wish me luck!


  1. 3.65 days per sculpt - I think wonderful things will come from a goal such as yours!

  2. Madness! You'll be like the Wilt Chamberlain of mini sculpting, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

  3. Keep us posted. I'm well keen to see how you get on.

  4. I look forward to seeing that 100 sculpts.

    I know one thing by sort of doing the same thing on my blog last year with tracking models built/converted, models painted, models bought, I felt I did not paint enough and it did keep me from buying some models as I saw I was not accomplishing much.

    Good luck with the migration and job. I know my move to a new house put a huge damper on my hobby time last fall.

  5. And awesome goal, my friend. But it's not about the numbers only!


  6. @Ghola Scale Reading 3.65 per piece seems a bit to short but every bit I sculpt from bases to bitz etc will be included on this goal, at least I hope its not to short ;)

    @Allisson M. For example I have booked something like 50 different bases for secret weapon, 20 heads, 7 15mm, 10 28mm etc so the stuff that is already going to be done for sure is like almost my full goal for 2012. My biggest fear is the time lost with migration. But yes its all a bit mad.

    @Dangerous Brian, I will I'm just finishing some stuff for next week.

    @PsychosisPC I really don't intend to buy much stuff and all my paints set is not traveling with me, so no painting or shopping is planned for 2012, just sculpting. If all goes smooth as planned I may start painting sooner but I'm really not betting on that.

    @Eli Arndt I know, quality was never in question I will never go that route, each piece I do is always the best I can do and I will never change that :)
    The aim of the goal is to reach another level in sculpting, without compromising quality I need to train my rhythm, I need to sculpt faster and better because thats what differentiates a prolific sculptor from a slow one.

    Thanks for the support guys.

  7. Tell me when that country you are migrating to is germany :)
    Cheers Symbio Joe