Friday, 20 January 2012

Heroquest skeleton gets Brownstuff cape.

I just had one of the most crazy weeks in my life, ever! Just unbelievable... but let's just concentrate on the hobby side of things.
Well, this week I could not sculpt anything that I had scheduled because all my portable sculpting studio did not travel with me due to weight issues at the airport so its still in transit... dammit!

I also checked out the local Games workshop one of these days at 2:30 in the afternoon and it was closed for lunch... then I came the next day and it was closed for the morning and only opened at 12:00...WTF?!
Maybe next time when the moon is aligned with the sun I will manage to actually go there and check it out...

So with no more plans for anything Hobby this week I was convinced it would be one of those weeks you don't get anything done... But when you least expect something happens!

One of my new friends over here it's also a sculptor ( and a fine good one!) and so this friday night we had something like a mini sculpting session, I had the luck to check out the minis he was doing and he even lend me some of his tools and putty to sculpt a bit. I was really missing the sculpting!

This got even more interesting when I tried some Brownstuff putty that its similar to Greestuff but has some slightly different proprieties. I sculpted a small cape on a very old Heroquest skelly he had  and I was quite impressed.
This is the little test run I did with it.

Its to early to say which putty I prefer, since I have so little experience with the new one but this may well turn out to be one of my favourite putties, its similar to Greenstuff but kind of easier to blend and bit less sticky... I need to try it out more!

So the week was saved with a bit of sculpting with friends, just brilliant!


  1. Great Blog!

    Im following you !

    You can follow me too !

  2. Nice blog DuendE. I really liked your Trollbloods.

  3. Nice to see you fully working dude - I am REALLY happy! :D
    Also - I can send you some old stuff if you want to enchance my minis =p

  4. Sure! you can ship them... Not sure if I would return cool oop to ya but go ahead XD

  5. Nice "enhancement" of one of the most fun (but admittedly somewhat simple) bunch of vintage plastic minis ever. There's so much one can do with these :)

  6. True, I have been looking at some really vintage stuff this week, White Dwarfs from 1993, original rogue trader stuff... and yes they have a unique charm of their own.

  7. Ooh! Rogue Trader! Love that era. GW actually made minis with character back then ;)