Friday, 23 March 2012

Corpses fields huge bases- 120mm and big oval

Huge amounts of time was spent sculpting these bases for the Corpses Fields Base sets, soon to be released by Secret Weapon Miniatures. I hope they are useful for your bigger models or who knows a starting point for a nice diorama.



Scale picture next to one 25mm base on the bellow right corner

These take the title as the most complex, time consuming and greenstuff intensive bases I ever sculpted to this day.


  1. That's gross and awesome all at the same time. Good stuff.

    I'm planning abit of corpse and casualty stuff for my next couple of armies converting and sculpting dead bodies to put on my movement trays and bases.

  2. Thanks guys.

    Funny thing about this project is that I was sculpting these bases and following the tv series the walking dead, since I'm a huge fan. And these last pieces were completed in the exact day of the grand finale of the season 2.
    I really want to use these large bases on some kind of diorama based on that tv series and its probably another of my future projects when I manage to bring back my 28mm collections to this country.

  3. ... also the most gruesome! They're like something out of plague-era Medieval art. They look like they'd go great with Chaos-style fantasy figures, or a more sci-fi alien infestation scenario.

  4. Nice one, might get me one in the future! Glad to find this place, it has been a long time mate //animerik

  5. Wow! Long time no see my friend Animerik I hope everything is ok with you?