Thursday, 8 March 2012

Mini Concepts (XANTOLA)

One of my passions regarding my sculpting is that drawing is a big part of the creative process and many times I drift away doodling some monsters and strange creatures and imaging them on the sculpting bench and eventually on a table as part of one of my tabletop adventures. FUN! I love sketching things.

As such I open a new category of posts on this blog called MINI CONCEPTS. 
Here I will post my drawings and concepts and all kinds of random ideas that sometimes I capture on a paper...

Here is the first creature to enter this train wreck, I decided to name it XANTOLA and it was born by accident when brainstorming about space monsters with a friend.


I could try and write a nice background for it but its really not my thing and from what all of you have seen on this blog I suck with words.
Will this one be sculpted? I really have no idea because I'm kind of impulsive regarding these things, if one weekend I'm in a mood for XANTOLAS I will sculpt some for sure and in 15mm.


  1. Like I said, he's cool, just not what I had in mind :)

  2. I know ehehe I always run wild when doodling XD

  3. That should be sculpted as a behemoth, for 15mm scale, standing at around 50-60mm tall. The perfect centerpiece for a bug army...I need to see more, Pedro!

  4. I like his mouthparts that are actually little legs. Your understanding of arthropod development is indisputable :) The giant stabbing-crushing arms are a nice touch and a neat contrast with all his little feet.

  5. @Spacejacker Cool, maybe one day these will be produced we never know.

    @The Mad Robot I will doodle some little creatures then :)

    @Allison M. Glad you liked it, the contrasts do make everything more interesting, I think I would have fun both sculpting and painting a couple of these things.

  6. Reminds me about Diablo II Duriel.