Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Harook Special Weapons

Here are my latest sculpts for the Harook, I really love the concept that Mad Robot miniatures created for these.

To start here is one overall picture of the full special weapons team

Seven miniatures including one little drone.

The SAW team

The Plasma team

The Sniper team with a Targeting drone

I hope you 15mm fans liked this because for me it was a blast to sculpt these little Harooks. Can't wait to paint some for my collection!


  1. Wow, Bug Man, these look fantastic! I'll be looking forward to what you and Spacejacker do in the way of paint jobs! I particularly like the prone sniper-top effort.

  2. Very nice! I always like to see what you have done, and the Harook are just great. Any more alien forces in your future?

  3. Love these minis, looking forward to painting them!

  4. I'm a 15mm fan and I love em. Spacejacker, you get all the best jobs. And deservedly so.

  5. Good stuff there. Keep working that magic!

  6. @Gunrunner Glad you liked it, my favourite mini of this lot of 7 is the Drone since it was so funny and different to sculpt and it can be used in many different things.

    @Lasgunpacker Oh yes lots of new creatures, aliens and monsters and some of them for the 15mm market... next weekend I will post my next 15mm project.

    @Spacejacker As usual you will paint them so well that I will spend hours drooling and looking at them. You're my favourite 15mm painter mate!

    @Lead Legion If you like 15mm's you are going to like my next project.

    @Eli Arndt I will try and thanks to your cool and new concepts my skills will be challenged one more time ;)