Saturday, 31 March 2012

Introducing Fenris Games 3D Space corridors

Fenris Games has been developing some really nice products for all the style of games that you can imagine and for some time now they have been planing some 3d Space corridors for your favourite spaceship crawler game.

I have a soft spot for these style of games so you can imagine how happy I was when they released the first pictures of what they have been doing.

Fenris Games Sulaco floor tiles

Knowing Fenris games legendary talent to cast resin in a quality level that you would be amazed, these are indeed some cool tiles that I need for both my 28mm and 15mm!

But that's not all this is just the beginning since here are some wip shots of the walls they are also doing for these previewed Sulaco tiles.

Drooling material hey? And since I usually don't do reviews of things that I'm not directly involved either as a sculptor or collector I will just say this, I have these tiles with me and I have been working on them because I believe that all spaceships do need Bug things ;) So if you like spaceships and alien things you will probably like what it's been developed for Fenris games.

More information on Fenris Games site here!


  1. Very, very nice. Thanks for sharing Bug Man.

  2. Your Secret weapon stuff has been amazing; I'm looking forward to seeing what you bring to these Zone Mortalis tiles.