Monday, 12 March 2012

New Company new Project

I would like to introduce one new 15mm project that I have just started a few days ago and also take this opportunity to welcome a new company to the industry.

Loud Ninja Games blog can be found at:
and from what you can see so far its preparing some really nice creatures for the 15mm fans.

One of those creatures is the Space raptors 


How cool are those hey? Well it gets even better since I was invited to sculpt these little raptors... so that's my next 15mm commission, man I'm I lucky!

Although I still have some catching up to do on other projects. So lots of new projects and also some old ones are really keeping my sculpting tools busy. Cool!


  1. Chris has done same great concepts there, can't wait to see them in green!

  2. Look forward to the results; all these emerging labels.. hard to keep track :D

  3. Deinonychids with machine guns? That seems... spectacularly dangerous.

  4. Yes it is! Fast-moving hi-tech infantry.