Friday, 15 April 2016

Road to Salute 2016 Report.

Hi guys, Salute will open doors in a few hours and I have all packed and ready for another awesome day of madness.
As usual I will try to do a photo report of the event so I have my old camera ready for some heavy duty.
Funny enough Beasts of war report page has pictures from the companies setting up their stands today and I managed to find one with our friendly Rock giant there too. Brilliant.

Check him out at Otherworld miniatures.

This year I have no plans to buy stuff  apart from some modeling supplies so I will have more time to cover the stands and minis. I'm curious about some recent releases and companies so I will look closely into that. 

See you there.


  1. Have fun!
    Waiting for the pics :)

  2. Was a great day! Amazing stuff there.
    Will start sorting the pics now.

  3. I'm looking forward to the pics, Pedro. (My wallet... not so much.)

  4. I know... I also spent more than I had planned. :D