Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Salute 2016 Report 5 of 10

When you first enter for the queue hall they scan your ticket and also give you a goodies bag with an event magazine, traditional Salute official miniature and some dice... this year though we had something extra added to the bag. A full plastic sprue that allows you to build 2 space soldiers. Awesome!

It may seem a small thing to get so exited about but this is quite an achievement, specially considering that the company that generously gave away thousands of sprues to all Salute attendees only started trading last year around Salute 2015. The game itself is Maelstrom's Edge.

This fella on the front is the one that was given on the goodies bag.

Official pics of the sprues.

 Sweet models!

This has to be one of best new emergent games, its all in plastic with great design and the box set is competitively priced too, they also have novels and terrain so its the full experience from the start. Good stuff.

On a completely different note I found a Post apoc game on a hidden stand so I took some pictures, looks quite interesting.

Across the dead earth

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