Sunday, 17 April 2016

Salute 2016 Report 1 of 10

Yesterday at the Excell center in London we had Salute 2016. For those that do not know this is the biggest one day Wargaming event in the UK with hundreds of stores, loads of games, thousands of attendees and above all Millions of miniatures.

For the 5th year in a row I was there with all my stuff ready, this is the type of event that you need to prepare yourself for the 7 hours of nonstop frenzy.

Tip 1: Get your advance ticket online you will save on queue and its a lot cheaper, 12gbp rather than the 20gbp at the door.

Tip 2: Travel light and with comfortable shoes, leave the coat in the car or at home. Bring your back pack empty, a bottle of water and some sandwich / snack. Food at excell is not the cheapest and its a waste of time too.

I got there early and was one of the first to enter, minimal cues, nicely organized. I knew that the day was going to be relentless and it really was. On this blog I will create 10 posts with some of the exiting things that I managed to find there. Lets go ahead with the first one.

Obviously Ladies first so lets go to Bad Squiddo Games with Women of WWII.

Annie started as the Dice bag Lady a couple years ago and now is selling her own range of miniatures as well as some other companies goods. Its good to see small projects growing stronger by the year.

Going for some hardcore oldschool stands now. If you are into tanks this is the place to check.

SHQ Miniature


Both companies have a huge range of models, they are very specialized and do really show they know what they are doing. Probably any FOW gamer dream.

So these are the first 20 pictures and on the next days I will be updating with more. Will now resume drooling over the shinnies I got for myself.

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