Saturday, 23 April 2016

Salute 2106 Report 9 of 10

Last weekend we had Salute in London but after a week I'm still quite intoxicated with it. I think more than anything it boosts your hobby for another year and in my case I got plenty of ideas for my sculpting... I even got more commissions so yay!

Warploque Miniatures was there with Arcworlde and typically most of my pics of the stand  were too blurry... Heres a couple from the stand on their FB page.

Now my own blurry mess.

On another stand we could find a new project called Purgatory.
Its a game that has Saints coming into physical forms and influence mortals. The minis look quite nice to be honest and its one project to watch for.

Frostgrave was pretty much in every corner of Salute.

Gnolls 3ups

Official miniatures for D&D were there in full glory.

On a little stand I discovered another unknown demo table with some miniatures.
The project itself is called  "The Roots of Magic" and looks very interesting even in its early days.

Moving to Renedra they had an absolute winner on their hands in the form of an incredible plastic castle. Its just unbelievable massive and even if I was not looking to buy anything the castle tempted me so much that it was hard not to go mad over it. With absolute Jedi discipline I managed to move away from it.

One of the best moments of Salute for me was when I was going to check Gate of Antares news.

I was looking into the big rock thing and I found the sculptor...

I started talking and we ended up trading sculpting secrets and tips for about 45 minutes or so, at the time I had my copy of the rock giant I sculpted and we were comparing rock texture works etc. I think most people there were eyeballing both of us talking about sculpting rocks and other stuff like 2 kids on a candy store! Awesome. :D

To finish up for today, the theme of Salute was steampunk and one of the best companies exploring this theme is Infamy.

Coolest steampunk mini of the show IMO.

Almost there next update will be the last... Uff what a race.

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