Monday, 18 April 2016

Salute 2106 Report 3 of 10

Part of the wargaming experience is having tables with outstanding terrain, its all part of the immersion in alternative wars.
Many companies know this and have made a strong presence at Salute. MDF is still king and many have an immense catalogue but there are others with some pretty interesting ideas.

Its impossible to cover them all on just one day of expo but I gathered a few pics... some big, some small and others just quirky.

Everyone knows Warmill, in my opinion they take MDF scifi design into another level and the scale of these kits needs to be seen.

The next one is just very... nutty. I mean they seem to have a mix of lots of things going on.

Lots of fungal nasties.

But it gets more hallucinogenic since they also have a range of dragons?

Its one of those unexpected stands that draws you into it and you never come out the same...gotta love Salute!

Back to earth! The next one is another surprise for me, its simply the best looking trees and vegetation on display.

Nice! I want these! Hills and tufts are also part of the range as well as loads of scenic material.

Shortly another update to follow.

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