Saturday, 2 April 2016

War Snail Weekend

Both Snails are finished and you can see Snail 1 and Snail 2 in detail on the previous posts but there is a cool feature about these that I would like to mention.

I have build the shells to be interchangeable with both bodies, yes you heard it right this is a multipart kit that allows you to build not 1 or 2 but 4 different snails! I have a hard time to choose my favorite one!

Thats all for snails for now, its time to say this project is finished and it was a great challenge that allowed me to sculpt some of my favorite bugs. Yay. Lots more bugs to come.

If you liked these Snails you may be pleased to know that I have initiated a collaboration on a new upcoming project with Mortal Arrow Miniatures which will bring loads of bugs. So you can in fact order these and many more bugs from them in a very near future. Have a great weekend folks.


  1. Truly outstanding, sir!

    At first glance I prefer the spiral shell for the flail-snail as it pulls him back a little towards a more "snail-like" appearance.

    The normal snail looks great with either option.

  2. Thank you Finch. I think my favorite one is the normal one with stone shell. While sculpting these I got into the mood to do some slugs too.

  3. Always a pleasure to visit here... these are amazing! So different, but thematically linked. And ready for a malevolent GM to unleash on their complacent players.

  4. I'm glad to have you here too Sir. Hopefully I will post more sculpts soon, its been quite a prolific year so far.

  5. Slugs is a great idea, a wee bit bigger than these snails though please!

    1. Yeah I will definitely work on some slugs in the future.