Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Salute 2106 Report 10 of 10

This is it, the last post reporting the amazing Salute 2016. Incredible show this year and it was hard to pick my 3 absolute favorite things regarding this Salute. By no particular order I leave you guys my most memorable moments.

While I was taking pictures of pretty much everything one particularly small stand with some unfamiliar banners got my attention. At a distance I could see some black foam blisters with shiny metal inside and like a moth is attracted to the light I swiftly made my way through the crowd of wargamers and found Oathsworn with Burrows and Badgers.

The display had a little diorama with a spider and some minis for one of their other ranges.

Nice I always love a god ol' bug... but it gets more interesting. I took a closer look into the display and found another quite refreshing range called Burrows and Badgers.

Pretty cool range... but not as cool as the MIGHTY PUG!

We have a winner here, got this mini on the spot! No questions asked, I know I had planned not to get minis this year but screw it! I needed a Pug!
The rest of my pics of this stand are a bit rubbish so here goes some official pictures of their minis.

So new game, new range, a Pug and all in metal... This was definitely something special.


Last year my favorite Salute 2015 company was Northumbrian Tin Soldier with their range of Night Folk miniatures so obviously this year I went to check them out.

Heres a couple of official pictures of the stand so you guys can check by yourselves how this stand got bigger and better.

The stand itself was bigger than last years and the range itself expanded too. On the show we had the new released range called Time Robbers with a full range of minis ready, casted and painted on a dome display... exactly like last year surprise, now we have more gorgeous miniatures to add to our never ending collection.

Official clearer picture.

Going back to their first Range The Night Folk, they still had those irresistible glass domes with the good stuff.

Pretty special moment for me, I'm really a fan of the way this company is doing things and its quite rewarding to see them grow this much in just one year. They avoided the Kickstarter curse and from their own pockets they invested on traditional sculpting and metal casting... now they did it all again and even better. 

But thats not all in therms of surprises here, not only they launched Time Robbers but on the back of the stand there was fresh casts of 12 new Night folk miniatures! To that I take my hat and to my wife's grief I gave them my money!

New minis.

How can anyone resist this is beyond me.


The last memorable Salute 2016 moment is something quite involving for me personally, I got back to sculpting crazy things for commissions, its a been a long pause but I guess I'm back to greenstuffing.

Otherworld miniatures is probably the biggest company dedicated to classic RPG miniatures in the UK and its been always a pleasure to work with them. So it was specially moving to see the launch of 2 of my own minis there. The Rock Giant and the Demonic Handmaiden.

They were selling well by the looks of it.

Pugs, Nightfolk and Rock giants all was just an AMAZING SALUTE! See you there next year!


  1. Thanks for posting all of these! Probably never going to be able to make it, so seeing your pictures and reading your posts is about as good as it gets.

  2. My pleasure mate, its a shame that the show got so big that it does not allow me to cover every stand and demo table there, in fact I only managed to cover something like 1 /10th of it. Glad you enjoyed the coverage I usually go for the the less mainstream stands since the big ones are always covered by other blogs.

  3. Thanks for your review, really interesting. I have to say that the rock giant you've sculpted is, by a very wide margin, the best on the market. It's what's caused me to make my first Otherworld purchase. More please!

    1. Thank you so much Steven. I'm happy that you got one and hopefully you will have a good time painting it for your adventures. It was a very enjoyable project for me and its great to see people enjoying it too.

  4. Agreed, sitting at my desk in New Zealand admiring the photos and nodding i agreement at much of your musings about what you spied. Great coverage, thank you!

    1. Not a problem, glad that I could bring a bit of Salute to New Zealand :D