Friday, 22 April 2016

Salute 2016 Report 8 of 10

Zinge Industries is a true converter dream, they have so many bits but most importantly they have several innovative ideas and products on their catalogue. I had to spend some time there just to investigate it all in detail.

Flexible resin is one of them and the way it works is quite simple, its basically the thinnest of metal wires which you may find in electrical gizmos embedded with a bendy flexible resin. Quite easy to add to your minis and above all the resin does not snap.

Flexible strips is another smart idea, they are supplied glued to a card and after you peel them off you can glue them to whatever you want on your tanks, buildings or minis. The difference from the previous one is that these do not have an internal thin wire.

Finally the electricity conductive paint, you kind of need to have an degree in science to understand this one in detail... since I'm dumb as hell my brain only registered the short version. Its a paint that you use on your vehicles or huge robots that basically discards the need to use the typical wiring to conduct electricity. Or something like that 0_0

Zinge also carries bits from their recent Kickstarter.

Now into 15mm scifi warfare, I have a soft spot for this scale specially when Ground Zero Games is around.

So many!

My 2nd favorite 15mm company is Critical Mass miniatures and they have the snakemen Kickstarter coming up soon.

They also got the old terrain back.

With both top companies covered its time to move to the contender for the 3rd spot into the 15mm scifi. This company only started trading last Salute and its showing some robust minis.

They are also branching into spaceship wars... LOVE some of the designs there.

These ones are my absolute favorites, they remind of a game that I played a lot R-Type.

And we reached 200 photos so far, more to come.


  1. Who makes that conductive paint, never heard of that before?

  2. Its from Zinge Industries mate.