Sunday, 17 April 2016

Salute 2016 Report 2 of 10

Salute is a good place to get inspired with great paint jobs from the professional painters and this year for the first time we had Angel Giraldez, which is one of the best, giving some live tutorial classes. Nice! I was quite curious about it.

Before I found Angel I stumbled upon Siege Studios which are also commission painters and quite good at it! They had loads of miniatures in two displays so you could check how good they paint both single display miniatures and full armies.

Wow! Kick ass stuff from Siege Studios chaps! By now my expectations were quite high for the rest of the Salute... Only to be disappointed!

I was expecting loads of cool superbly flashy displays with awesome painted miniatures showcasing Angel painting excellence... this is what I got... a Table with a mug. I know, I know its supposed to be a workshop. Still quite appalling. I really hope that the people there got a good time and learned a lot, as it stands did little or nothing for me.

I was a bit lost there for about 2 minutes and my attention drifted away to the stand next to Giraldez one with some groovy sculpts. Forgot to ask more details about the minis since I was still a bit confused with the damn mug. lol But these are for Boardgames like Labyrinth. Allessio Cavatore was on this stand too with some Terminator minis.

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