Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Salute 2016 Report 6 of 10

Anvil Industry is always a stopping place for me each Salute because I really like the new minis they come up with each year. Again this year things look as good as always. Chunky miniatures proportions that are compatible with things like 40k. Cant go wrong with that hey?

Anvil Industry

Joek Miniatures was at Salute too with their upcoming range.

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures had some new stuff on the show too.

Next stand I took plenty of pictures but all of them, except 4, are blurry.
I like this range since its all about dinoworlds and its really good to introduce your young ones to wargaming. Lots of nicely sculpted miniatures for all the family.

Twilight Miniatures

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